With over 7 years of experience in Israel, TMbetter is one of the only organic, chemical free, international producers of Medical Grade Cannabis. TMbetter strives to provide specialized treatment tailored to the unique medical needs of its patients.

Our commitment to organic production reflects its products' exceptional quality and dedication, developed through years of experience in both California and Israel.

As one of the first and largest Medical Grade Cannabis licensed producers in Israel, TMbetter has gained invaluable experience in growing high yields of quality organic Medical Grade Cannabis. TMbetter continuously develops unique strains to address a variety of medical needs.


TMbetter specializes in developing Medical Grade Cannabis for different medical conditions. Our unique strains are developed with diverse CBD and THC combinations and with high terpene levels in order to increase the efficiency and potency of the product for Medical use. TMbetter has developed a range of products, to address the variety of medical needs of our clients.

TMbetter's Medical Grade Cannabis is a standardized and stable natural medicine, grown by experts with many years of experience. Its produce is guaranteed to contain a consistent level of active pharmaceuticals ingredients (THC and CBD among other cannabinoids) free from any contaminants.

Board of advisors

The company's board of advisors includes world renowned experts with extensive medical knowledge and proven business experience in the medical cannabis industry, representing a vast variety of specialties - doctors, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs and financial experts.



TMbetter leadership team consists of qualified executives with deep and diversified entrepreneurial and management experience.


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