About Us

better is a global pioneer in transforming cannabis into medical treatment. It has many years of experience in promoting the health of patients and improving their quality of life. better stands out in its role in promoting cannabis for medical use thanks to its use of advanced organic growing methods that are mindful of the environment and health, in constant improvement of strains, advising patients and active participation in groundbreaking medical and agricultural research (see more below).

The company’s wide array of strains and products have been tailored for use for different indications and have a proven record of improving the health of patients. They have further gained recognition from researchers and professionals in the field.

better is a global player in the production of medical cannabis at the world’s highest standards in various countries, led by Israel and Australia. In Israel, better has full ownership of its farm in Kokhav Michael and is a partner in the farm in Kfar  Ahim

Our vision


better is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of its patients through the unique natural properties of the cannabis plant. We believe that every strain of cannabis has special properties, that affect each patient differently. That is why all our products are based on strains we have developed over the years, using our eco-friendly growing methods, to provide each and every patient with the variety that is optimal for them.

Groundbreaking research on Cure EP

While we care for all our patients, we dedicate special attention to children. better invests significant resources in finding medical solutions for children with issues such as autism and epilepsy.  One such example is Cure EP – an oil produced from the PHD strain and which we subsidize for the treatment of children. The oil, which contains plant-based cannabinoid essence produced from cannabis sativa enriched with cannabidiol, which is recognized for its unique genetic profile and found to provide an effective response for epilepsy in children, along with a long list of neurological, oncological and other indications

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