better Care –Testimony videos


#bettercare| Why I chose medical cannabis

Meet the people who quit using pills for medical cannabis

#bettercare| They wake up super early every morning, in any weather to take care of your medicine in the best possible way, meet the ‘queens of the south’

better Care –Testimony videos

bettercare# Chai and Tourette/ Daniel

Daniel Moris came to our farm to explain how medical cannabis can help treat Tourette’s syndrome.

bettercare The farm’s grandpa/Dudi

Dudi, 71 years old, and still wakes up each morning for work with a smile on his face. Meet the farm’s grandpa

better Care – Testimony videos


The story of Kobi Molcho, better’s CEO, stands in the center of Kan’s Dokotayim, and teaches us about what we all experience and feel every day.

A short video with Kobi Molcho from the hearing with the medical cannabis law.

Let the plant help!

better Genetics – Videos of Better Cannabis Strain's

Kira Kush

king david

Loli Kush

better Genetics – Videos of Better Cannabis Strain's

Persian Kush

betterinfo -Tutorial videos

#betterinfo The THC rush

Feeling confused because of the social networks discourse? It’s time to bring some order in to the subject.

#betterinfo Cannabis oil

What is the best way to consume cannabis oil? All the answers in the following video.