Growing methods

Organic and chemical-free cultivation for maintaining standards and quality

Our experience has shown that a plant can leverage its natural strength to successfully overcome pests and diseases. That is why better is the only company in Israel that uses 100% organic cultivation methods, including a preference for biological pest control over the use of chemicals that jeopardize the health of patients.

Additionally, better is among a handful of companies in Israel and worldwide that make sure to conduct extended curing, which leads to the release of chlorophyll, heightens flavors and scents and contributes to the development of all the active substances in the inflorescence.

Did you know?

Cannabis, unlike food, is a crop that is generally consumed through the lungs and the sensitive respiratory tract, and does not undergo the body’s natural toxin filtration process that is performed in the liver. Additionally, we must remember that as opposed to many fruits and vegetables, cannabis has no peel, and pesticides penetrate the plant directly. Through high temperatures that are produced when curing or steaming the plant, the dangerous pesticide residues


Maintaining the especially high quality of the product.


Preventing exposure of patients to pesticides containing dangerous chemicals.

Protecting the natural flavors and scents of the plant.

Protecting the environment.