As part of our work with numerous patients, with a wide range of indications from across the entire country, we have heard difficult life stories and cases and have seen how the cannabis plant changes and improves their lives.

Along with these patients, who always tug at our heartstrings, there is the population of children that has a very special place in our hearts.

Over the years, we have invested significantly in improving the medical condition and quality of life of our young patients, and have even seen the investment pay off, as we have helped hundreds of children grow up and mature under better conditions than they had been accustomed to.

That is why, our effort to organize this work through the establishment of a special department for children was only natural and necessary.

To this end, we partnered with Sharon Imberman, a clinical herbalist, who herself has a son with autism and epilepsy

Thanks to the direct, daily contact she has with the children’s parents and the community she has established, along with our knowledge, Sharon helps us