Promoting health and alleviating pain globally

Founded and headquartered in Israel, the operational subsidiaries of better Holdings include:

  • Better Israel: a wholly owned subsidiary of Better Holdings, Better Israel is the R&D hub of Better Holdings, as well as the sales pipeline of medical cannabis in Israel, serving over 5000 patients monthly.
  • Better Australia: A majority-owned subsidiary of Better Holdings, fully licensed in Australia for production, sales, and export of the highest quality MGC.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that healthy plants are capable of repulsing pathogens and pests with their own immune systems. Ours are supported by the qualities bred into our proprietary strains, as well as a little all-natural help from our dedicated cultivators.

  • To protect from molds, mildews, and pests, we employ a proprietary organic pesticide and disease control system, incorporating plant-based oils, supplementary probiotics, and natural insect predators.
  • To nurture our plants and ensure uniform growing conditions, we utilize a proprietary irrigation/fertilization pipeline that uses techniques of electrolysis and oxygenation via specialized ozonators.
  • We build our own plant care regime from seed all the way through harvest, based on raw materials. This allows us to lower production costs and control the standard and quality of all our plants.


better’s leading position is largely the result of over a decade of intensive medical and genetic R&D, which has resulted in the development and standardization of over 21 cannabis master strains with unique genetic traits. Each strain is designed for high-yield industrial production in short growth cycles, as well as high natural resistance to pest and mold – a critical trait given the company’s dedication to 100% fully organic cultivation system and processing of all of its products.

Our strains are renowned for delivering consistent levels and qualities of cannabinoids for a variety of medical conditions, while offering users outstanding aromas and flavors.

better maintains a Genetic Bank of all of its proprietary strains, as well as additional well-known strains. Thousands of seeds and hundreds of different mother plants serve as a reservoir for future breeding.


better specializes in developing strains to contain specific CBD and THC levels matched to the therapeutic and pain alleviation requirements of different medical conditions. Specific conditions for which our R&D has developed strains include epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, MS, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, cachexia, Tourette’s syndrome, AIDS/HIV, fibromyalgia, severe migraine, and chronic pain. Each of the treatments we offer has been extensively tested and enjoys the full trust of both health providers and patients.
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