Committed to supplying the most effective, safest, and cleanest product globally

better provides its customers with the purest and most natural medical grade cannabis experience.

We are proud of our use of advanced organic cultivation methods that take the environment and the patient’s health into account and because we are pioneers in converting  cannabis into a medical product both in Israel and globally.


"Committed to supplying the most effective, safest, and cleanest product globally"

better by Cann Pharmaceutical’s Ltd is one of the leading global manufacturers of cannabis-based pharmaceutical products. Our vision is to ensure a clean, consistent, unique, and stable medical treatment to address a patient’s debilitating medical condition anywhere in the world.


Consistent and stable products from strains bred for commercial production, fair prices, stringent production and processing protocols.

Genetic R&D

The only cultivators globally with an entirely chemical-free feeding and treatment regimen.
together with ongoing development of mold- and pest-resistant strains via genetic r&d.


formulation that best suits each patient’s condition. Ongoing clinical trials which demonstrate the efficacy of our strains and whole-plant treatments for a variety of medical conditions.

Global presence

better is building a global production company, committed to supplying patients with consistently high-quality MGC-based products.

Superior patient care

Our representatives and medical advisors are on call to provide explanations, guidance, and recommendations throughout the treatment process.

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The only supplier globally using fully organic feeding and treating protocols throughout the cultivation process, ensuring the safest and cleanest product on the market.

About better

A commitment to the cleanest and most consistent strains and product formulations is our core principle. better Israel, the wholly-owned subsidiary of better Holdings, is the only large-scale, nationally and globally licensed medical cannabis cultivator in the world that grows all of its products without chemical pesticides, ensuring the highest medicinal quality and natural flavors and aromas for our customers.

why keep suffering?


Medical cannabis offers you a way to alleviate pain caused by chronic conditions, improving your ability to cope, and in some cases it can even help overcome your condition.

As a world leader in medical cannabis treatment and research, we have spared no effort to develop condition-specific strains and treatments to ensure that anyone suffering from a chronic, debilitating condition will not have to suffer through it alone. We work extensively with physicians and other health providers to provide millions of people world-wide with the help they need to cope with their conditions. 


Contact your doctor today to find out whether your condition can be managed with cannabis.


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